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Many individuals often wonder if they really need to have life insurance or not. With its sometimes expensive premiums, one may start thinking if it is worth it to invest in such a policy at all. Truth be told, there are many advantages in having your own life insurance and in the state of Virginia, getting one could prove to be useful for you as well as your family in the future. Here are some of the Virginia life insurance facts you might need to know about.

  • Virginia insurers licensed to sell. First of all, all insurers selling any type of insurance in the state must be licensed by the Virginia Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association. By doing so, all residents of Virginia are protected in any case wherein their insurer will not be able to keep up with their obligations. At the same time, being licensed by the association ensures you will be dealing with a legitimate company and not a fraudulent one.
  • Why you need to get life insurance. If you are new to the idea of getting life insurance, you might be overwhelmed with the different forms and may not know yet which one will be beneficial to you the most. First of all, the type of insurance you are taking out should be patterned to your needs and capabilities. For instance, if you are living on a tight budget and are young, you might want to look into term life insurance in Virginia first. Term insurance is very affordable especially if you are just starting out and provides coverage for as long as the policy is in effect. The only disadvantage is that once the term is over, there will be nothing more for you.
    Choosing the right one. On the other hand, if you are looking to invest in something that will provide coverage for you for the rest of your life and even has an investment component, whole life insurance can be an option. Although it is a bit expensive, the premiums are fixed and coverage is provided for the rest of your life and your loved ones can even benefit from it after you are gone. Plus, the value of your money will grow over time since the insurers invest it as well. Companies like Anthem Life Insurance in Virginia and other lesser known ones such as Genworth Life Insurance Company and Smallwood Agency Inc. can provide you with the types of life insurance mentioned earlier. Finally, do make sure that once you start investing in one, there will be no backing out unless it is absolutely necessary and you understand the ramifications. Once you cancel your life insurance, you won’t receive any of the premiums you have paid for no matter how long you’ve been doing it.

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