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Located at the southern region of the United States, Louisiana is one of the most romantic places in the country and in the whole world. Its rich history has made the state exquisitely unique due to its curious mixture of French elegance and the practical southern glory that you can only find in this place. Louisiana has several nicknames, which includes the Pelican State due to the abundance of Pelicans, the Creole State due to the beautiful creole people that populates the area, and the Bayou State with all of the marshes and bayou scattered all over the land. It is also called as the Child of Mississippi and the Sportsman’s Paradise. The state capital is Baton Rouge while the biggest metro is New Orleans.

After the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina, one can’t help but worry about what the future might bring. It is for this reason why it is crucial that you start thinking about protecting yourself and your family so that you can life your life to the fullest, worry and stress free. Getting life insurance is a great way to do this. You can either get term or permanent but the best option would be the latter due to the following reasons:

Cash Access

Permanent or whole life insurance can provide you, not only security for the future of your dependents but it can also allow you to withdraw part or all of the accumulated cash from your insurance company in case you need it for your kids’ education (tuition fees), medical expenses, initial investment for some business opportunity, or for retirement purposes. In short, your money will not only be limited to your bank savings, but you will always have access to cash through your insurance policy.


Because your contract says you will be paying your premiums for the rest of your life (until 100 years old or more), rest assured that your financial gains and security will steadily increase over time. There is no way but up on this kind of policy, and it is for this reason why whole life insurance is more expensive than term insurance, which is an indemnity that only requires you to pay your premiums for a period of time.

Guaranteed Protection

Here is the best part of getting a permanent insurance policy. It can fully protect your family in the event of your death. This can ensure financial stability, thus making it easier for your loved ones to move on. It is truly a great way to achieve peace of mind because deep down, you know that your family will be taken care of in case something happens to you in the future.

Tax Free

Your cash value and protection value will be tax-deferred. Yes, you got that right. That means, in case you wanted to withdraw your money for some important financial reasons, you will get the full amount without being taxed. The same goes with what your family will get in the event of your death.

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