Life Insurance 101

How prepared are you when it comes to unexpected things like your passing away? How prepared is your family for that situation? These are the underlying questions when it comes to facing one part of human life – death. In this case, you can prepare yourself and the future of the family you will leave behind and one way to assure their future is by getting a life insurance. This is basically a contract between an insurance policy holder or the insured (which is you) with the insurance provider. The insurer will pay the beneficiary of the insured with a sum of money (known as the benefits) when the insured dies. The policies under such contract vary per provider and the insured. For the part of the insured, he will have to pay a premium on a regular basis.

Some have a hard time understanding life insurance. Read throughout this article, which can serve as your life insurance 101, your essential guide about this insurance.

How to get insurance

If you have medical or car insurance, remember how you get them because that is the same way to get life insurance. Your first option is to go directly to your preferred insurance company. Browse online or be attentive to the TV advertisements. You will find several providers and read reviews! The best things to do are to ask for a free quotation and speak to any agent personally.

Do you need this insurance?

As stated above, this is for preparation for the future of your family or loved ones when you pass away. Not only that, you also protect that future.

Types of life insurance

There are two coverages for this insurance: the term and permanent. From the name itself, one can deduce the policies surrounding the coverage. The term coverage will cover only a certain length of time and you have to pay the premiums for that length of time. The insured will be the one to determine the length. On the other hand, the permanent coverage will last your lifetime. Between the two, choosing the permanent coverage will make the insured to pay more premium rates than that of the term coverage.

Insurance lingo

You are the insured and hold the policy/coverage. When you die, your beneficiary (the recipient of your benefits) will receive the face amount (the monetary value) that is paid upon your death. If you get permanent coverage, you will come across the so-called cash value and this is the savings that have accumulated throughout the coverage time and this is accessible by surrendering or borrowing from the policy.

Life insurance type

  • Term Life Insurance. This is described above.
  • Whole Insurance. This is also the permanent type.
  • Universal Life Insurance. This is the complex version of the Whole Life type in which the cash value is placed in different investments so that it will gain more interest. The accumulated money from this can be utilized in reducing future premiums or even in increasing the face amount.

If you think that life insurance is complex, you are wrong because this type of insurance is very easy to understand. If you are the insured and you die unexpectedly, the insurer will give the face amount to your declared beneficiary. This is the main concept of this insurance
The premium rates that you will pay on a regular basis are calculated in a complex, yet based on mathematical and statistical factors. The insurer will first determine your category, as:

  • Preferred best. This is the category given to the people with no record of any medical problems even in their family history
  • Preferred. This category is given to the people with some medical record, under medication and have few medical history for that people and for his/her family
  • Standard. This is the most common category as people with common medical history.
  • Tobacco. This is the category for those who are smokers.

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