Erectile Dysfunction Causes

There are many erectile dysfunction causes. The ability to achieve and maintain an erection is quite common in young people. Many males feel inferior and suffer low self esteem because of this issue. Erectile dysfunction in young men is quite common.

This may cause many problems in a relationship but is quite treatable if one will seek the advice of a professional urologist. Thirty million men suffer this ailment in the United States. Some men are embarrassed to seek treatment but if they will talk to the professionals they will realize that it is easy to overcome this problem.

This condition can be chronic or occur on occasion, either of which can be devastating to the male. Contributors to the disease can be alcohol, depression, emotions and anxiety.

It may be necessary to perform laboratory testing to see the main cause of this condition. It may be hormones, cholesterol or sugar.

Sometimes sexual therapy can be used as treatment. There are some herbal remedies that treat the problem. Some men might be able to combat the problem with penile vacuum pumps or topical creams. Situations exist when surgeries for penile implants or vascular reconstruction must be used to improve erectile problems. There are treatments for this condition which may include vacuum pumps, drugs, or creams.

Chronic erectile dysfunction can be totally embarrassing for the male who is suffering the affliction but he must rest assured that this will be solved by the psychological and health related testing and will resolve itself in time with the advances in medical treatment that are available today.

Many times the causes of an impotence problem isn’t psychological but is the result of medication or trauma related illnesses viagra lilly. Guilt, depression, anxiety worry and stress all can contribute to the problem of a young man having impotence. Many will be relieved to know that this problem is temporary and will be managed when life stressors subside. Visit Florida Men’s Health Center today to discuss treatments for erectile dysfunction.

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