How Do You Sell Life Insurance

Many observers have claimed that a typical insurance agent does not exist and even those in the industry agree that there is no definitive personality type that makes an ideal insurance agent. But there are definite characteristics that make a successful insurance agent, the first of which is having both talent and skill to sell insurance policies. Life Insurance agents who are successful on the field may get to the level of success that they aspire to early on in their career. For some, the climb is not that easy.

Achieving success in the field

Insurance agents who have the ability to change and adapt with the times are the ones who find themselves at the top of the game and who remain the top contenders. Every successful insurance agent is an expert in their particular field. These people know everything there is to know about their products and services. The insurance agents must also be experts on the current insurance technology, taxes, and legislation, including the latest amendments.

Working on referrals

Referrals can bring in a lot of business with one sale leading to others as word spreads to friends and family. One of the most important sources of leads is still referrals from clients who are able to convince people close to them to avail of the same services.

Referrals contribute to success in insurance sales. More clients mean more experience in selling insurance. And for a new agent, the road to success requires actual customers to deal with and field experience to learn from. And to be really successful in the industry, knowledge and experience are definite necessities.


If an agent wants to increase sales some more, they could sell more than one kind of insurance, if they have the license for it. The insurance agent must have certification from the appropriate authority and licensed to offer the products that he or she is providing clients.

There are consumers who are actually looking for more than one type of insurance and are just waiting for the right insurance agents to talk to. People generally prefer doing business in the most convenient manner possible and an agent that offers more than one type of insurance policy will have an advantage over those who offer just one.

Sales vs. Customer relations

Even the best insurance agents, those who make the most sales, could have a weakness when it comes to customer service. Some agents prefer to hire other personnel who act as customer service representatives and deal directly with clients. People skills are still critical in making sales, especially for beginners who are still getting to know the clientele and how to approach them.

Being in the service provision industry, every insurance agent is a helper—assisting clients with their insurance needs in whatever type of coverage is being sought. Without encroaching too much on the person’s financial details or becoming a substitute financial adviser, an insurance agent can make logical suggestions on how the client could balance his or her expenses to accommodate the additional expenses.

The approach

Becoming an efficient insurance agent is still a necessity in the digital age despite the many available tools that can be used. Clients still prefer dealing with fellow human beings despite the conveniences afforded by technology. Customer relations depend greatly on how much skill an insurance agent has.

The most effective approach to clients is not to fill them with statistics at the outset in order to support the fact that they need insurance. Many people prefer to be invited to get involved, be asked relevant questions about their specific needs, and find an emotional motivation. The final decision is still a product of a decision-making process grounded on logic. And this is why it is better to present the relevant statistics towards the end.

A good insurance agent has the ability to convince clients that they need the insurance policy being offered to them. The best insurance agents are those who are able to convince the policy holder that buying an insurance policy is akin to doing something good for his or her family. And the most successful insurance agents are those who talk clients through possibilities, particularly in finding funding sources so that they can pay the premiums.

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