How Do I Sell Life Insurance Online

The Internet is now the newest forum where insurance agents compete with each other for the attention of clientele. Even veteran agents cannot ignore the fact that being able to adapt to changing times and utilize available technology is the key to success in the very competitive world of life insurance. The Internet is a direct response market and it could be a very rewarding experience for any insurance agent to make online sales.

Building an online presence can be a lucrative move for an insurance agent. Being an insurance agent is like having a small business to run. And for any business to sell and be successful, an agent must work hard so that the business will grow and earn profit. Given the benefits, many agents ask this essential question: “How do I sell insurance online?”

Setting up an online presence

Searching the Internet for a life insurance policy to purchase is a viable option for many working individuals who intend to provide for their family’s future. It only takes a few steps to get started:

  • Get the latest tools. Insurance agents need to invest on the latest technology to ensure efficiency on their online operations. There are many applications and programs that require powerful computers to run them effectively and so it is important to invest on reliable hardware. Any computer glitch would impact negatively on sales.
  • Create a highly competitive website. For an insurance agent who has no idea at all in setting up a site to offer their services, there are many companies that offer web design and programming for very reasonable prices. A professional insurance agent has to make sure that his or her online presence exudes credibility as well.
  • Invest on good marketing and advertising. The content and presentation of the website must be able to entice customers into buying insurance. Audiovisual presentations that catch the eye and the ear can be used to introduce the products and services offered. Effective use of relevant mages can convert a visitor to a prospective buyer. And since a majority of internet users spend their time on social networking sites, these platforms must be used and their potential for gaining leads maximized.

Explore pay-per-click advertising

One of the most effective means by which insurance agents sell insurance is PPC or pay-per-click advertising. PPC advertising is essentially mixing ad text with search results. This is how it works. An insurance agent can pay for specific terms that appear next to the results when an Internet user searches using the keyword.

There are many people who now use the Internet so that they receive leads directly. Insurance agents can now also connect with customers via e-mail. Being able to utilize such platforms effectively go a long way in keeping an agent ahead of the competition.

Set up a profile at LinkedIn

There are now 200 million individuals affiliated with LinkedIn. Setting up a profile here is one way of sending out invitations to people who have an interest in the products and services that you are selling. It is easy to find people with the same interests as well as those who are prospective clients. LinkedIn also has a feature called Advanced Search that may be accessed via a button next to the search toolbar.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to use since it accepts a number of different search parameters that make the activity more targeted. The parameters include keywords, name and title, location and postal code, industry, school, company and even language. One has to learn how to use the functionalities efficiently, but after the initial awkward phase, a regular LinkedIn user would now have an excellent means of expanding his or her network of colleagues and clients. This tool can also facilitate referrals.

Online leads can be very challenging. The first necessity is that the insurance agent to understand how different this process is from traditional door-to-door insurance sales. It is also essential to have an understanding of customer behavior online. Individuals who fill out forms or request for quotes are likely to buy and insurance policy, and it is up to the agent to make sure that potential buyers are identified and attended to early on.

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