2018 – Top 10 No Exam Life Insurance Companies

No one in their right mind would consciously prefer to get stuck with needles, have various types of bodily fluids examined and be prodded by thousands of questions by a doctor. This is what usually happens when you apply for a standard life insurance policy. The company will require you to take a medical exam as well as be part of a series of tests to prove your eligibility and even figure out how much you need to pay for with your premiums. However, that is not the case anymore. You can secure an insurance policy without taking any exams whatsoever.

No Exam Life Insurance Plans

Yes, you can now avail of a life insurance policy without ever having to take any medical exam ever again. The best part is, these insurance plans will provide the same benefits for you as a standard one would. Gone are the days where you would have to fast for a day and have blood drawn from your body just to see if you would qualify. Now, getting an insurance policy can be done in a jiffy.

What the Deal is

For starters, this type of insurance is much more expensive than a policy that requires you to have an exam. Such is the price you have to pay if you would prefer no exams at all. In addition to that, your records will have to be submitted to see if you are indeed qualified for such a policy. Your medical records, pharmacy records and driving records could be the things that a company would ask you to submit for their approval. Other than that, you only need to be an American citizen in order to be eligible for a no-exam insurance plan.

Top 10 Companies with No-Exam Insurance

Do know that most of the no-exam insurance offers can be found online, where buying a policy is much easier to do.

  1. Benefit House. This company offers term life insurance with plans that span from 10 to 30 years.
  2. Term Insurance 4 Less. They provide you with all the information that you need as well as being transparent on how you can actually qualify for such an insurance policy with them.
  3. Matrix Direct. This company has an online form that you can fill out to get an instant quote for free.
  4. Termshop.com. This is a site that offers you a variety of term life insurance plans without having to take part in any exams.
  5. Mozdex. This is another website that offers you fast insurance coverage by giving you an online form that you can fill out immediately. They are known for fast processing of insurance policies.
  6. AARP Life Insurance. This is a well-known and trusted company that also offers no-exam life insurance plans.
  7. Wells Fargo. It is probably one of the most popular insurance companies in existence. They also provide clients with the opportunity to acquire a policy that does not require them to take a medical exam.
  8. LifeinsuranceCanada.com. This Canada-based company is partnered with many life insurance companies and will be able to provide you with the best quote, as long as you answer all the questions given.
  9. Parasol Financial and Insurance Solutions. They provide many types of coverage and plans without having to take a medical exam. However, there are medical questions that need to be asked.
  10. Insureme.com. This is another online company that offers insurance without exams. This time however, they also provide you with the pros and cons of such a policy so you have the information that you need.

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