2018 – Top 10 Mortgage Life Insurance Companies

Policy holders who choose to invest on mortgage life insurance are individuals who want to have more control over their mortgage insurance.The purpose of mortgage life insurance is to “protect a repayment mortgage.” In contrast to a private mortgage insurance which is for the protection of the lender, a mortgage life insurance is for the assurance that a capital sum is made available as payment for any outstanding mortgage upon the policy holder’s death. Certain insurance companies would also provide pay out if and when the policy holder is diagnosed with a terminal disease with a life expectancy of at most one year.

The Main Controversy

People who take the time to determine which policy suits their needs and requirements best should also invest time and effort in studying policy clauses before signing a contract with their insurers. Some types of insurance are brought into question, in terms of their necessity. Mortgage life insurance, also known as creditor insurance, is riddled with many controversies, one of which concerns the declining value of the product even as the policy holder pays more to the insurer.

The Major Players

But, the demand is there and local and global insurance provides an adequate supply of choices. Some companies throw in add on benefits in order to attract more buyers to this type of policy. Here are ten big brands with the most comprehensive range of insurance products, including mortgage life insurance.

  1. Allianz Worldwide is a provider of financial services and has a foothold in 70 countries around the world. This German company’s insurance arm is the contender to beat in its native country and offers a variety of products in response to consumer needs.
  2. AXA Group. This company from France is already a global brand. The company has been around for two decades and had since expanded further in the Americas and Asia and the Pacific by purchasing ING Seguros (Mexico) and buying out the Turkish share in AXA Oyak. It provides mortgage life insurance as well as the other types of policies.
  3. Manulife Financial leads the race not just in Canada, its home-base. It is also a top contender in each of the twenty-two countries it currently operates on. Its insurance products cater to both groups and individuals. Manulife has one of the most diverse range of products and services, including term life, whole, life, and mortgage life insurance, and is known for having a secure financial and organizational foundation.
  4. The Generali Group. This company is the insurance arm of Assicurazioni Generali, founded in 1831 in Italy. Its main operations are in Europe and Eastern Europe, but the Group has also started to strategize and expand in Asia, particularly in China and the Indian sub-continent.
  5. British Insurance is a leading insurer in the United Kingdom that specializes in online income protection. The fact that it has been granted leave by their own government to use “British” in their company name proves their dominant and significant contribution to the insurance industry in the UK.
  6. AEGON. The company is based in the Netherlands. It provides not only life insurance coverage but a whole range of other investment and long term savings services. Aegon is also now in the United States, the United Kingdom, South America, and Asia.
  7. Aviva. This British company’s main operations are in Europe and the Asia Pacific. The company remains strong with billions of dollars in assets and is also emerging as a force to contend with in the United States.
  8. State Farm Life Insurance Company. Those who are ready to get involved with mortgage life insurance discussions may also avail of the services of State Farm Life Insurance Company that is based in Bloomington, IL. It is an up and coming player in the insurance business, starting small but founded on very solid principles.
  9. LSM is another Canadian company with relevant and reliable online services. They provide quotes for many different types of insurance policies including life, disability, health, and long-term care.
  10. Munich Re Group. This company is a major source of insurance products and services in Germany. It’s marketing campaign focuses on the company’s capabilities to provide primary insurance as well as reinsurance based on professional risk management.

Insurance policy buyers who find the provisions of a mortgage life insurance fit to their needs avail of this product. Those who worry their families might get thrown out due to an unpaid mortgage in the event of their death find peace of mind having a policy such as this to fall back on.

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