2018 – Top 10 Final Expense Insurance Companies

There comes a point in every person’s life in which he needs to prepare for the inevitable, which is his demise. When that happens, whether it’s because of old age or unexpected reasons, the cost of funeral arrangements can become a burden to those he has left behind. If you are the type of person who does not wish for this to happen, then a final expense insurance policy is something that you should be looking into. This form of insurance has many benefits especially for the relatives who will be making the arrangements after you have already left.

What Final Expense Insurance Is

Without a doubt, funerals are one of the most expensive things one can spend on. To make things worse, it’s not as if you can sign the check yourself after your demise which is why it is usually up to your relatives or your next of kin to take care of everything. Of course, this involves all the expenses involved with the funeral arrangements.

A final expense insurance policy assures you that everything will be taken care of once you are gone. As opposed to a standard life insurance plan where the policy can provide you with up to a million Dollars, final expense insurance is specific for funeral cost, which is why they are purchased for up to $50,000 at most.

Qualifications for the Policy

Any individual can purchase final expense insurance but commonly, those who are older and are nearer their demise acquire them. More often than not, these people also do not have a standard insurance policy to their name. The fees for this type of insurance are commonly much more expensive, especially if one were to get a no-exam type of policy.

Top 10 Companies for Final Expense Insurance

  1. Lincoln Heritage – a well known company that has an outstanding reputation for final expense insurance plans. They are recommended by the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Foresters – with 130 years experience in the insurance business, Foresters is a company that can give excellent quotes for final expense policies.
  3. Guardian Insurance – they offer a no medical exam policy and can give you coverage for up to $50,000.
  4. Securus Final Expense – this company offers a diverse policy when it comes to final expense insurance plans. They are also well-known and have been an industry favourite for a while now.
  5. American Income Life – offers affordable final expense insurance plans, great for the average American with a steady income.
  6. AFBA – their package takes care of everything for you when it comes to your final expenses. Check out their Silver Premier Final Expense policy.
  7. Columbian Financial Group – besides the death benefits, CFG also offers cash value for your policy that you can borrow against.
  8. NGL Insurance Group – offers a personalized service and as of recent, they boast of an almost 99% claims percentage with all their clients.
  9. Statefarm – a very well-known company in the insurance industry, Statefarm offers final expense insurance coverage for people 50-80 years old to about $250,000.
  10. Canada Protection Plan – CPP offers a no medical exam plan for those who do not have time or resources for it but want a final expense insurance policy.

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